We are futurizing dental prevention.

Our Mission

Oral Genome seeks to empower people to optimize their oral health and attain a healthy and happy smile for life.

Our Vision

Oral Genome envisions a world in which accessing dental literacy is personalized and easy to all.

Our Technology

Oral Genome is developing a science-based at-home dental wellness technology that will help uncover a patient’s oral health needs and deliver personalized recommendations based on a few drops of saliva.

Invest in a company building the future

Oral Genome was formed to advance early intervention methods to prevent dental problems.

We are reimagining dental prevention.

We are creating healthy and happy smiles for life.

Investors and Partners

Interested in investing or a future partnership? Drop your email below, and we will let you know when a funding round opens up.

Join us in our mission to bring dental wellness to all.

We believe that dental health and wellness should be easily accessible to everyone, and we are doing it through the power of cutting-edge, game-changing dental technology.

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